The 3 Most Sinister and Dangerous Lies About Losing Weight... And The Simple, No B.S. Answer To Supercharging Your Metabolism, Melting Stubborn Fat Off Your Body and Getting that 'toned' look you've always wanted...

“I love the person I see when I look in the mirror.” -- Nicole

“The Women Only Maryland Fitness Boot Camp changed my life.” -- Alana

“I never thought I would actually lose 60lbs like my doctor recommended until I joined the Women Only Maryland Fitness Boot Camp.” -- Jasmine

Are you tired of the person you see in the mirror?
Do you struggle trying to squeeze into clothes that don’t fit?
Do you breathe heavily after walking up a flight up steps?
Do you make excuses that prolong getting in shape?
Do you take medication because you’re over weight?

YES? THEN I HAVE THE PERFECT SOLUTION TO ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS and that is the Women Only Maryland Fitness Boot Camp! It’s time to make a CHANGE and it starts with YOU!!!

Dear Prospective Bootcamp Cadet,

If you’re looking for the absolute, NO B.S. truth about weight loss… then you’ve found the right website.

Once entering into our facility you will have a briefing with our recruiting coordinator. At this meeting you will get a tour, have a consultation, body fat percentage measurement, complete a daily meal questionnaire, get your weight checked, flexibility measured, and have a goals evaluation where you give yourself 3 goals and a date you wish to complete each goal. After completion, in a weeks time you will receive your personalized meal plan. The next thing we do is put you through our fitness assessment where we evaluate your current physical condition.

It doesn’t matter if you have no experience working out, haven’t worked out in years, or think you’re in the best shape of your life. This assessment allows us to place you into the right program and avoid setting you up for failure or not working you hard enough! After your assessment, you will be given your start date for your Bootcamp Basic Training. In this program you will learn all of the drills, exercises, and techniques needed to complete the workouts that you will be doing as you progress through the Women Only Maryland Fitness Boot Camp. Please don’t be fooled, Basic Training will be TOUGH and your workout will be different every time. WE ONLY HAVE TIME FOR THOSE WHO ARE SERIOUS ABOUT IMPROVING THEIR HEALTH, STRENGTH, AND CONDITIONING!

After you graduate from Basic Training and complete the re-assessment (this is the only way you can test out of Basic Training), you will no longer be a Cadet. Your new rank will be a Private. Now you’re ready to start Bootcamp Elite. This program is designed to test you mentally and physically. Every workout will be different from the previous workout and you will be pushed to the limit. This program begins your ranking process, but all you need to know is that your first official rank is a Private, but that’s AFTER you complete Basic Training.

The top program with the longer and harder workouts, which only the most dedicated and hard working are promoted to, is the invite-only Bootcamp Special Forces program. Those in this program have hour long workouts, special event V.I.P. access, discount prices, are displayed in our Women Only Maryland Fitness Boot Camp calendar, get more workout sessions, AND have kick boxing sessions too!

But first…

Who Am I and
Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is GI Joe and I am the General of the Women Only Maryland Fitness Boot Camp. As the General, I have experienced pure joy in seeing my cadets reshape not only their bodies but also their attitude towards fitness, health, and life. I have traveled around the world helping women just like you get in shape, lose weight, and reach goals they never thought they could.

But the real reason I think you should listen to what I have to say is because I’m a real person who ‘completely’ understands what it’s like to go through the weight loss process both physically and mentally. I’ve worked with clients over the last decade to help them accomplish their physical, mental, and weight loss goals. As a former collegiate stand out football player I have shattered records that have stood untampered for over 50 years and many thought doing so was impossible! How does that relate to the Women Only Maryland Fitness Boot Camp? I focus on teaching my students not to give up and how any goal can be accomplished through hard work, dedication, a positive attitude, and the right person motivating you to go beyond your psychological barrier. I’m on an unstoppable mission to help women, just like you, smash through their current barriers to success and get into the absolute best shape of their life…

And if you’re thinking about joining a gym, let me be BLUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!



NO MOTIVATION -- Going by yourself to the gym is simply not
motivating… especially as the weeks and months start rolling by…
assuming you last months before being sucked dry of any will
power and quitting.

BORING - Boredom and Motivation are cousins. After a month,
all the cool machines and weights at the gym are no longer so cool or
neat… there are only so many ways to climb a stair master or run on a
treadmill… it is LAME… and you are paying money for it! But at least
you can watch the soap operas on the TVs with the subtitles…

NO DIRECTION - Going to the gym without active goals is like trying
to cook a meal without the recipe… just because you have the ingredients,
doesn’t mean the food is going to come out good!

If You’ve Never Succeeded At Losing Weight Before… It’s NOT Your Fault!

The problem is: There’s nobody around who you can trust. There’s nobody around who has the success… who has the credentials… and a proven track record of helping people reshape their bodies and their lives that you can go to for advice and the real NO B.S. truth about reaching your fitness goals. That is until now… I’m the person you can trust. That’s why I want to share with YOU the 3 most insidious lies about losing weight. I care about seeing you succeed. I truly do. That’s why I put up this website. Think of me as your gal “on the inside” who’s learned all the secrets (and exposed all the lies) from ‘in the trenches’ work in the fitness, athletic and weight loss industry for YEARS. Let’s get to it:

Sinister and Dangerous Weight Loss Lie #1:


“You Can Just Pop a Pill and Lose 30 Pounds Overnight!”

This is one you see all the time being promoted by slick companies with clever marketing… Here’s the NO B.S. truth: You can’t just pop a pill and lose weight, it just doesn’t work that way. Some diet pills will HELP you lose weight… but only as part of a proper fitness and nutrition plan. Really, most diet pills are just a waste of money. And NO diet pill will simply burn fat without you doing anything, without you working out… or while you sleep. Last time I checked the weight loss industry was pulling in over $40 BILLION (yes, that’s billion with a ‘B’) dollars a year… and the supplement industry responsible for selling these “miracle diet pills” was raking in $13 Billion a year alone. For the most part, the diet pill industry preys on the hopes and dreams of people like you, selling them “get fit overnight miracle pills” that often don’t work. Plus, Some Diet Pills are Downright Dangerous To Your Health! The worst part is: some of the diet pills on the market can be VERY hazardous to your health. Many of them work by simply dehydrating you and causing you to lose a lot of water weight which makes you think you’re losing weight but is actually very dangerous because dehydration can lead to serious medical conditions--heat stroke being one of the most common and dangerous ones. Other diet pills such as ones containing ephedrine were already banned once in 2003, and there are currently appeals right now to have it banned again because of possibly dangerous side effects (overuse of this pill has actually led to more than one death!) The bottom line is: there are only maybe a handful of diet pills that can HELP you lose weight – but only as part of a complete fitness plan including diet and exercise. And there is NO pill you can buy which will melt the fat off your body without doing anything!

Sinister and Dangerous Weight Loss Lie #2:


“This (insert fad diet here) is the best way to lose weight!”

Fad diets come and go and have been around for years… No carb diets, high carb diets, no fat diets, the south beach diet, the Paleolithic diet, the atkins diet, the chicken soup diet … the list goes on and on! Do they work? Here’s the NO B.S. truth: Fad diets will work for a short time because of simple math. Here’s what I mean: In a natural diet you eat carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Fad diets tell you to cut out one of those (depending on which one you’re on). So if you cut all the carbohydrates out of your diet – you’re cutting out 1/3 of the total calories you’re eating so yes – you’ll lose some weight! But you’re body is designed to eat carbs, protein and fat – so cutting out any one of these “building blocks” is like taking the eg off a chair – it is NOT healthy for your body. Then what usually happens is you experience the “yo-yo diet syndrome” where you lose some weight then when you start eating normally again the weight flies back on –often with MORE fat! Plus… Diets Wreak Havoc on Your Metabolism! Your metabolism is like your internal furnace burning all the food you consume and turning it into energy for your body to use… But when you cut out certain building blocks from your diet… or cut way back on your calories your metabolism actually SLOWS down and enters starvation mode – Your body is literally thinking “I’m not getting much food – so I’m going to store ALL the food I get as fat, in case I need something to eat later!” This makes losing weight MUCH harder especially since your metabolism slows down with age anyways, you need to learn the proper way to eat AND exercise to keep your metabolism stoked and burning fat all day long. Bottom Line: Fad diets don’t work – you just need to commit to a “lifestyle” change by deciding to eat correctly (more about this later) …

Sinister and Dangerous Weight Loss Lie #3:


This (insert fitness gadget here) Will Burn Your Fat and Get You toned!”

You’ve seen all the late night commercials… it’s a new one every night: “This new gadget will burn the fat off your body and build your muscles… in only 15 minutes a day!”… The No B.S. Truth: No fitness gadget will work by itself to get you into great shape.

There’s two reasons why:

It’s not about what fitness gadget you choose – it’s about actually getting off the couch and exercising. And most fitness gadgets just end up as clothes hangers (you know what I’m talking about!)

In order to burn weight you also need to have healthy eating habits. The ab machines are a great example of this: You can have the strongest and most muscular abs in the world, but if they’re covered by a layer of fat – no one will see them!

And burning fat is a combination of proper nutrition AND proper exercise.

Plus, most fitness gadgets are WAY overpriced. They cost hundreds of dollars to buy and take up a lot of space to use. Heck, most people can get excellent results by just using an open space and their own bodyweight to perform exercises.

The Bottom Line: No Fitness gadget, by itself, will get you into the best shape of your life.

So What’s The Truth?

What’s the No B.S. Answer to Burning Fat and Getting Toned You’ve Been Looking For?

The answer is …

G.I. Joe’s Bootcamp

Conditioning for Women!

Lloyd Irvin’s wife Vicki Irvin is the founder and creator of “Superwoman Lifestyle” which is dedicated to helping woman balance business, family, health and fitness. It is one of the largest woman groups in the country and they regularly had meetings and trainings on various female topics.

And with the Women Only Maryland Fitness Boot Camp…..


You’re closer than ever before to a sexier, better looking legs, abs, thighs and bottom!

What is G.I. Joe’s Women Only Maryland Fitness Boot Camp? Well, let me just share with you a sample of the things you’ll discover when you come to the Women Only Maryland Fitness Boot Camp:

    • How to lose weight even if your weight loss is made more difficult by a slow metabolism, hormones, birth control pills, menopause, having children, HRT (hormone replacement therapy), etc.
    • The food that you’re probably NOT eating enough of that’s hindering your weight loss.
    • How to use two types of food for effective, healthy weight loss
    • How to lose weight the right way, the healthy way, the permanent way!
    • Why most weight loss programs will not work for you!
    • The three critical mistakes that most people make when trying to lose weight… and how to avoid them!
    • The two weight loss keys that will almost guarantee your weight loss!
    • One aspect of aerobic exercise that will send your metabolism through the roof!
    • The keys to keeping weight off!
    • How to “turn-on” your body’s fat burning switch… how to ” turn-on” your fat burning hormones and “turn-off” your fat storage hormones!
    • One critical factor that can make the difference between results and no results in your anaerobic exercise!
    • How to develop toned, healthy, good-looking muscles quickly!
    • Techniques for defeating cravings!
    • How to exercise for maximal results!
    • Why weight loss pills, powders, and potions will ultimately cause you to gain weight!
    • The truth about “diets”!
    • How to make good food choices easier!
    • How to eat away from home!
    • How to stay motivated!
    • How to plan for a lifetime of being fit and lean!
    • How to plan your eating for success!
    • Weight loss physiology
    • More practical suggestions for weight loss
    • Arranging your day for weight loss
    • Good “stuff” on motivation
    • Priming your cells for weight loss
    • How to super-charge your metabolism so that you’re burning more calories 24 hours-a-day!
    • How to eat the right type of fat to lose weight!
    • Two things about weight loss success that very few people know!
  • And much more!

Sound too good to be true? Well it gets much much better…..

Women Only Maryland Fitness Boot Camp Is More Than A Workout…. It’s A Complete Women’s Only Community! Safe Nurturing Environment


Encouragement From Other Woman Who Are Walking In Your Shoes!

No Stares-No Ridicule!




Not Everyone Will Be Able To Experience the Awesome Power of the Women Only Maryland Fitness Boot Camp!

Do to overwhelming demand and our 100% total dedication to seeing our students get results we can’t accept everyone that comes through the door. This is no magic pill, there is no magic pill although this may be the closest thing to it. This is a private woman’s membership group.

Here’s What to Do Next…

      1. Pick up the phone, call 240-778-4092 and speak to ME -- G.I. Joe -- DIRECTLY. Let me know you want to setup a time to come in and take a look at our facility. I want to meet you in person and get to know you, learn your personal struggles and see how I can help.



In our short time together I’ve shared with you why I’m the person ‘THAT WILL” allow to reach ALL of your fitness goals…

    • I’ve shown you why all the diet pills you see advertised all over the place do NOT work and might even be dangerous to your health…
    • I exposed how all the fad diets that come out seemingly every month don’t work and besides screwing up your metabolism can actually make you gain MORE fat…
    • I blew the whistle on the “fad fitness gadget of the month” and how you don’t need to buy anymore expensive gadgets (which will only end up as clothes hangers)…
  • And I’ve given you an opportunity to take advantage of the safest, most natural way to lose weight, supercharge your metabolism and get the toned look you’ve always wanted – Risk FREE!

Now, it’s up to you.

Please: If you care at all about your health… about finally getting into the best shape of your life in the safest, most natural, most FUN way possible – fill out the application form NOW and make sure you bring it to your first basic training.

I look forward to seeing you there and helping you reach all of your fitness goals.

- G.I. Joe
Bootcamp Conditioning for Women Instructor
Try me out call 240-778-4092 and speak to me. Let me know you want to setup a time to come in and take a look at our facility. I want to meet you in person and get to know you, learn your personal struggles and see how I can help- put me to the test -- give me an opportunity to provemy claims to you. The Women Only Maryland Fitness Boot Camp program WILL work for virtually everyone -- even if you’ve spent most of your life overweight. This is scientific weight loss at it’s best. Now is the time for you to experience its slimming power for yourself. Today, you’re truly closer than ever to achieving your weight loss goals. So, don’t decide now, just give me a chance. Simply fill out the form above to get your application and have a Recruiter call you for your bootcamp briefing right now. You owe it to yourself -- to invest in YOU.


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